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Material Types:

SAE 1070-1090 CARBON STEEL: This prehardened material is the standard material for wave springs. It is the less expensive option to Stainless Steel. 

17-7 STAINLESS STEEL: This is used for high stress and fatigue applications. It has higher corrosion resistance than SAE 1070-1090, and can withstand much higher temperatures without loosing spring qualities.


Special Material Grades:

• AISI 302 Stainless (DIN Material No.: 1.4319)
• AISI 316 Stainless (DIN Material No.: 1.4401)
• A286 (DIN Material No.: 1.4980)
• Inconel X-750 (DIN Material No.: 2.4669)
• Elgiloy (DIN Material No.: 2.4711)
• Hastelloy C276 (DIN Material No.: 2.4819)
• Beryllium-Copper (DIN Material No.: 2.1247)
• Phosphor-Bronze (DIN Material No.: 2.1030)



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