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Does your print or part list call out a Waldes Truarc / Truarc retaining ring part number and wonder where to source it? If so, you came to the right place.
ROTOR CLIP® is the TRUE HOME of WALDES TRUARC® and TRUARC® retaining rings.

In 2009 Rotor Clip purchased the following assets from Truarc LLC, also known as Waldes Truarc including all patents, copyrights, registered trade marks (including the Industrial Retaining Ring (IRR) brand name and logo), as well as all machinery and quality documentation. The purchase also includes all original Waldes Truarc tooling.

 Please use this part number interchange chart to easily cross-reference between
Waldes Truarc, IRR and Rotor Clip retaining ring designations.  

ROTOR CLIP® Waldes Truarc® IRR®
HO N5000  3000
HOI 5008 4000
BHO N5001 3001
VHO N5002  -
SH 5100 3100
SHI 5108 4100
SHR 5160 7200
SHM 5560  -
BSH 5101 3101
VSH 5102  -
E 5133 1000
RE 5144 1200
BE 5131 1001
C 5103 2000
PO 5304  -
POL T5304  -
EL 5139  -
LC 5107  -
SHF 5555 7100 
RG 5135
TX 5115
TY 5105 6100
TI 5005 R6000 

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