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Materials, Finishes and Packaging Options
for Rotor Clip Spiral Retaining Rings:


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 Materials for Spiral Retaining Rings:

spiral retaining rings

CARBON SPRING STEEL - Rotor Clip Designation ST
This steel is known for its high strength and reliability in spiral ring applications. Since carbon steel is subject to corrosion, Rotor Clip rings are oil dipped to ensure some corrosion resistance.

STAINLESS STEEL - AISI 302  -  Rotor Clip Designation SJ
This general purpose stainless steel offers corrosion resistance and can be cold worked to high tensile strengths.

STAINLESS STEEL - AISI 316  - Rotor Clip Designation SU
This type of stainless steel is heat resistant with superior corrosion resistance than other chromium nickel steels. It offers high creep strength at elevated temperatures and resistance to pitting.

STAINLESS STEEL - PH17-7  -  Rotor Clip Designation SS
A high strength corrosion-resistant steel with good workability, easy hardening and excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. Can be heat treated at relatively low temperatures for high strength properties.

STAINLESS STEEL - A286  -  Rotor Clip Designation SQ

BERYLLIUM COPPER  -  Rotor Clip Designation BC
Applications that require conductivity are best served by this material. It is also characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and is particularly effective in sea air and seawater atmospheres.

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 Finishes for Spiral Retaining Rings:

spiral retaining rings

This standard finish for carbon steel spiral retaining rings offers an extended shelf-life protection against rusting. 
RoHS & ELV compliant.

This flat, black finish is used more for when aesthetics of the part are a factor with minimal corrosion protection. 
RoHS & ELV compliant.

This protective coating offers excellent corrosion protection, ductility, natural lubricity and solderability in specialized applications.

The passivation process removes “free iron” contamination left behind on the surface of stainless steel due to the manufacturing process. Also, the passivation process facilitates the formation of a thin, transparent oxide film that protects the stainless steel from selective oxidation (corrosion).

This coating affords carbon steel excellent salt spray protection and corrosion resistance. 

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 Packaging Options for Spiral Retaining Rings:


The parts are packed in varying size boxes or bags depending upon the size of the part. If a part is ordered bulk, there is no code listed after the finish. For example, HO-25ST PA would indicate that the part is to be shipped bulk.


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