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The retaining rings in this section can be installed on a shaft or in a housing/bore without using a groove. For this reason, they are called self-locking with the following advantages:

1. They save machining time and overall costs since a groove is not needed for installation.

2. They come in small sizes (some fitting shafts as small as .058”
in diameter) and can be used effectively and economically on small applications with very low thrust loadings.

3. Most are permanent once installed and can not be easily removed.

4. Made to World Standards—Inch, DIN (Metric),
self-locking retaining ring SHF self-locking retaining ring RG
self locking retaining ring TX and TY self locking retaining ring TI
Inch: SHF, TX/TY, TI, RG; DIN Metric: DTX, DTI