retaining ring tutorial
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You find yourself staring at a twisted piece of metal you have just extracted from a housing/bore or a shaft. About the only thing certain is that the object in the palm of your hand is a retaining ring. You now have to identify the type and size so that you can replace it. But given the condition of the part, that seems impossible.

Don’t groan just yet; there is a solution.

With the help of this training tutorial, you have a reasonable chance of identifying the ring.
If your retaining ring looks like one of these:

internal retaining ring

external retaining ring

internal retaining ring with inverted lugs

external retaining ring with inverted lugs

You have an axial retaining ring!

If your retaining ring looks like one of these:

radial C retaining ring

radial E retaining rings

radial PO retaining ring

You have an radial retaining ring!