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Quality Overview
An Overview of Rotor Clip’s Quality certifications, facilities and policies.
Inspection Procedures: External Retaining Rings
Determining permanent set limits for basic external retaining ring
Inspection Procedures: Internal Retaining Rings
Determining permanent set limits for basic internal retaining rings91

Inspection Procedures: Limitations – Dish, Pitch & Burr
Industry accepted parameters for retaining rings of dish, pitch and burr

Inspection Procedures: Constant Section Rings
Rotor Clip Laboratory Facility & Testing procedures, as well as temperature limits, salt spray testing and how to distinguish between Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel rings.
Heat Treating – Hardness
All Rotor Clip carbon steel rings and hose clamps are heat treated in-house using the austempering method.
Quality Checks on Retaining Rings
Testing critical retaining ring characteristics to make sure they meet stated specifications.
Quality Certificates
ISO 9001 &  TS 16949 Certificates

AS 9100 Certificate
ISO 14001:2004
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Inspection procedures, testing, heat treating & certifications.
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