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Environmental Policy

1. Prevention of pollution.

2. Continuous improvement of EMS.

3. Avoidance of personal exposure and injury from hazardous conditions and materials.

4. Minimize resource consumption.

5. Commitment to comply with environmental legislation and regulations in our community.

6. Encourage others to follow and practice good environmental practices.

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Pollution Prevention Policy

It is the policy of the Rotor Clip Company to explore and establish all possible means to minimize and eventually eliminate all forms of pollution created by operations at our facilities. Methods currently under study or now in operation include:

• Recycling and re-use of process materials
• Creating and adopting new techniques in production processes to eliminate the use of hazardous materials
• Improve efficiencies in production to minimize waste
• Educate and encourage all employees to look for pollution prevention methods

In the past the management of Rotor Clip has demonstrated a commitment to environmentally responsible business practices by dedicating significant resources to correcting and/or eliminating sources of pollution. This has been and will continue to be the manner in which Rotor Clip conducts business.



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