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A Blast From the Past

In 2006, a customer contacted Rotor Clip in search of our single wire, self-compensating hose clamps for a project he was completing. He was already 3 years into restoration of a 1955 Ford Fairlane; restoring the body, rebuilding the suspension, replacing floor pans, ect. He was looking for one of Rotor Clip’s distributors in his home state of Colorado where he could purchase the hose clamps to be put on radiator hoses, heater hoses, and the thermostat bypass hose.  


Rotor Clip’s self-compensating hose clamps are an excellent choice for automotive applications. These clamps expand and contract with the hose in response to temperature changes in the application. They cannot be over or under tightened, and are installed and removed easily using either manual or pneumatic tools. 

One of Rotor Clip’s engineers reached out to this man and offered free samples of Rotor Clip’s self-compensating hose clamps for his project.

Now we fast forward 9 years, and the man in search of hose clamps has completed his car, sort of. “It's funny how time goes by so quickly and work gets in the way of my hobby!” 

He wrote to Rotor Clip 9 years later, sending a few pictures of his incomplete 1955 Ford Fairlane. “You'll notice that it's not quite done yet,” he warned, “but if the engine lights off, [it] will be the first time since 2004 for that to occur.”

He closes the email with, “Your product looks great in the engine compartment and hopefully seals just as well.” 


Rotor Clip has always supported individuals and Universities with free samples so that they can complete their projects.

In May 2014, Rotor Clip supplied LSU FormulaSAE TigerRacing team with retaining rings for their racecar. Rotor Clip supported another racing team at the University of Victoria in Australia.

For more information on Rotor Clip’s line of self-compensating hose clamps, visit our website.

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